Best Alternative For CA / CS / CMA / MBA
✔ CAT-P …  Best Like CA / CS But More Smarter, Holistic, Faster & Assured



Admission Only For Exceptional 99 From All Over
3 years | 3 Levels | 3 Specializations
with Triple Assurance…

Be a Successful Consultant
Just Like a CA

With Smarter Strategies, Skills & Life Time Support by NIBE

Get 100% Dream Job
100% National & International Placements since
2008 (In Group Institutes)

Be a Leading Entrepreneur
Practical Business Skills, Strategies & Life time
support by NIBE

Nilaya Institute of Business Excellence, Pune.
India’s 1st Professional institute with Innovative & Holistic Education System.

With India emerging as world-wide potential leader in Financial Growth and with inception of GST, Demonitisation, Automization &
Easy Business Policies…
Commerce Career is attracting the best of the brains and

Commerce Career has become a Hot Cake for Students.

The Age Old Best Career options in Commerce Like CA, CS, CWA and MBA has their own limitations
and some are on the verge of becoming obsolete over the time.
To Keep Pace with Time and Advancements in Commerce & Technology….
There is a Need of some Modern Career…

A High Level Professional Career…


Which will be Smart…

To Create Smart level of Industry required Knowledge…
Smart Working Skills, Leadership Skills and Smart Skills on Latest Technology…

Which will Be Holistic…

Why only work on Brain and create Money Making Machines?
A Professional course which will Create Mind, Body, Brains, Skills, Life & grooming
is the need of time… which will change the future of Humanity

Which Will Be Faster…

In The modern world, at The age of 20-21 Many of youths are becoming Millionaire & Billionaire…
Then our Best career of CA/CS/MBA till demand 4 to 10 years after 12th or after Graduation…
We need a career which before 21 one will give a Rocket start to the career and our youth will Zoom.. in the skies of success..

Which will Be Assured…..

Why a brilliant student should have Fear and Doubt of Passing….In courses like CA/CS the results are so low that, even after taking
lot of efforts and even after investing hard work for 4 to 10 years many intelligent students could not get through… Then why they
should carry the stamp of Failure for Life time..?
We need a Professional Course Which will…
Give Assurance of Success to everyone who got an admission through a proper entrance Test..
and now without fear they can concentrate on learning & growth..

CAT-P.. A High Level Professional Career with 3 Specializations
Core Professional
CAT-PFor 100% Job &
Smarter Than CA
Know More
CAT-PTo Be a Smart Businessman with Practical
Business Skill
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Socio Entrepreneur
CAT-PSpecial option…
To Create Smart, Happy & Ethical World
Through a Successful Entrepreneurship
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Why Prefer CAT-P over CA/CS/CMA/MBA?

No Doubt CA/CS are Good Careers, but in this World everything has limitations.
And as such We feel, Over the time and with Great changes Happening in Commerce, Technology, Laws and Businesses… there is a need of Career Which Will be Better in studies Like CA/CS but More Smarter, Holistic, Faster & Assured Than CA/CS/MBA.

Becoming CA / CS doesn’t mean Everything… Becoming Successful Counts! Living a Beautiful life counts!

& when it comes to success tell me who is more successful?
Tell me Who will You admire?
A CA working in or for a company by earning 3 or 25 LPA

That Businessman who may be even 10th Pass like Dhirubhai, who employees one or hundreds of Professionals under Him…?Also..there were and there are Great Consultants in Tax, Accounts, Finance…
Who were not CA/CS….
But who have employed many many Professionals like CA/CS/CWA/MBA under them…
So ultimately only SUCCESS Counts!
So CAT-P is made to make you More Successful..
No Doubt CA, CS and MBA from Top Colleges are Good…
But CAT-P is more Smart.
But Sorry
CAT-P is only for exceptional 99 from over all….

(Declaration: CA/CS/CMA & MBA(from IIM & Like) are Reputed courses and well known in society. We also Respect course like CA & CS but over the period, we think some smart option needs to be available. We don’t want to compare with CA/CS as they are good, but we are Smart hence the details provided with no intention to disrespect any course but with intention to give points to think to the audience. Names of some Courses and some persons are taken merely as a reference)