1st time in India, a Professional Course Smarter, Faster, Assured & Holistic than CA, CS, CMA & MBA

Every commerce student or any non-commerce person with interests in business, economy and finance choos the commerce as a field in which he/she can pursue a great career that will provide a better lifestyle through a better paying job or entrepreneurship or a professional career. We all know that commerce is a vast field with a number of opportunities that are futuristic and this field is never going to face any failure because every business and industry runs on a better management of finance and money. And experts would be needed to manage these finances and monetary functions.

Today, we know that there is a number of professional courses that promise students get a better job with great opportunities with success, but we can also see that there are many limitations with such courses, let’s see for once what these limitations are:

Limited Vacancies
We know that every year, about 5 to 6 lakh of students enroll whenever CS, CWA, and CA registration start. However, in spite of tremendous efforts that one puts in, only 20 to 25 thousands of students can crack these exams and can successfully start their own practice or get a job. But what are the career options for CA dropouts? (Nobody talks about this issue).

Other Limitations
This ratio is not only limited for courses like CA, CS, and CWA or CMA but also today, there are a bunch of students with MBA like degrees who are either jobless or struggling in the industry to get a proper and fair job.

We have a unique solution for all such students who have failed in these courses and think that there is nothing for them other than failure in surrounding and are worried whether they should opt out for such options or not.

We are happy to introduce a unique course through our independent platform known as Nilaya Institute of Business Excellence (NIBE), a premium division of Nilaya Group of Institutes where we are offering a course named CAT-P, which is only limited for exclusive 99 students who need to pass an entrance test before they enroll in this course. Sounds good?Sounds exciting isn’t it? Let’s see it more in detail: Here is an explanation:

When a student is on the edge of completing their commerce board exams, students and their parents start finding the ways to achieve the best career after 12th, and we all know there are various ways like degree courses such as B.Com., BBA, BCA etc. and other professional courses we mentioned earlier like CA, CS, CWA, and CMA. But there is already a tough competition in terms of admissions, entrance test struggle and finally career options.

Through CAT-P, we have an assured solution to all such courses mentioned above and we are offering smarter, Faster, Holistic and Assured best career in commerce. Yes, we are confident that students will find the simple solution for their ‘what to do in commerce after 12th’ question. At NIBE International, we are also offering many modern infrastructure such as library with classic collection, crazy cafeteria, hi-tech classrooms, advanced computer lab, in-house recreational gardens, meditation rooms together with opportunity to students to enjoy various business sport etc.

This is the one of a kind course in India never been designed or happened. To know more about this course, stay tuned with our website: www.nibeinternational.com or just give us a call at +918888212465.

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