NIBE The Mentor For Life Time


Many wise have said, Learning is a Life time process and we learn, un-learn and re-learn at every stage of life.

If learning is Life Time then The True Guru also has to be a Lifetime Mentor.

So at NIBE we provide Lifetime support for Nibeians.


Life Time Business Support:

Special Business support and Mentoring Meets on Monthly basis to be conducted for all Alumni. NIBE mentors will guide through-out life at every stage of your business and career needs.


Life Time Alumni Network Meets & Network support

Network is the strength to become a Business Tycoon. @NIBE we provide the Monthly Networking meetings, which will lead to get pillars and contacts in success of your career.


Special Incubation Centre to begin as an Entrepreneur:

NIBE extends the extra and exclusive support for the budding Business Start-ups by providing Incubation center in which even office premises will be provided for client meetings on hourly booking basis and totally free-of cost for the initial one year after MBE.



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