Be a Successful Consultant, Even Smarter than CA

Yes !, you read the title right and it is quite possible and the journey towards being a successful consultant even smarter than any other professional course is going to be filled with the most happening things you will enjoy at every corner. But don’t be scared, because we know the ultimate way you can be a successful professional and yes, smarter than any CA or CS.

Nilaya Education Group brings for you a course that will make this happen in an assured way which will give you 100% success and a great life in just 3 years.

Today, many students are going towards the traditional professional courses like CA, CS , CWA or MBA but as we always mention, the success rate in all these courses has decreased and these courses are already saturated. CAT-P is going to be the recent trending option that any CA/CS/MBA aspirant can look for or this can the best career option for CA dropouts which will make student a perfect, knowledgeable and expert consultant in accounts, finance and taxation along with various smart things & a perfect life.

We have designed this course in such a way that students are going to get higher, practical, much more smarter knowledge along with internship that too at an advanced level.

CA & CS like professional courses are no doubt best at their levels, but CAT-P is smarter, faster, holistic and assured than any professional course out there. So if you are looking for the best career in commerce or best career after 12th, you must think of CAT-P for once.

We have seen that once students enroll for CS or CA Registration, they start their journey of these courses from entrance test popularly known as CPT, only after cracking the entrance test, students may appear for next levels like IPCC, executive and professional or final levels. But meanwhile, they need to complete the 3 years of articleship where they have to work under the guidance of certified CA or CS. But do they really get any chance to learn new things from this articleship? NO, they can only work on the pending tasks by their superiors or some regular office work which is typically doesn’t let them explore new things in accounts, finance, law and management departments.

With CAT-P, we are going to offer students a full time internship at a company that will guide them with the latest knowledge, information and actual work experience in accounts, finance and management sectors of commerce. But remember, CAT-P is for exceptional 99 who have to pass the NPET, an entrance test from NIBE.

You can become a successful consultant for businesses and people with the specialization in Taxation, Finance, Audit, Business Management and many more. We at NIBE, we are providing the entire basic initial help to students to setup their new business or independent practice as a consultant with lifetime support for consultancy and business.

Our only aim at NIBE is to create highly skilled commerce professionals with independent thought process in commerce and finance sectors.

Students will get a special certificates at each specialization level from NIBE that they have successfully completed 3 years course and that is how they will be able to start their independent practice.

So if you are confused with what to do after 12th, or graduation, we recommend you to once visit the NIBE campus or call us at +918888212465.

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