CAT-P … Smarter, Holistic, Faster & Assured than CA/CS/CMA/MBA


No Doubt From Ages CA/CS is a Good career option and same about MBA (from IIM and Like inst).

But CAT-P is SMART…and a future of Commerce & Life.

If You Think on Below Aspects, with no pre-conceived notions,

We are confident your choice will be Smarter…CAT-P…



Comparison PointsCA/CS/CMAMBA(Other than IIM & Like)CAT-P
Smart in KnowledgeVery Good in Studies But 40 to 60% studies are not used in Practice by 95%+ CAsMedium Level of Knowledge and Only Bookish Knowledge almost not relevant for Real LifeRegularly Updated Industry Required & Practically Oriented Syllabus.
Smart in Practical SkillsNo Practical Skills in Course. Student at Mercy of Article-ship to Get Practical and Many/Some end-up as Ticking expert & Lope sided Basic Level workAlmost No Practical Skills. Assocham India Says they are Unemployable. See Report100% Practical Training in 1st  Two Years and then Thorough Industry Exposure in Last Year on High Level Work
Smart in Soft SkillsVery Basic Training of  Few Hours (90 to 100 Hrs)Very Few Colleges work on this and again to basic LevelHeavy Time investment on Image & Soft Skills development. With 100% excellent Results
 Smart in TechnologyCourse does not Teach it in Depth and at article-ship exposure depends on BossAlmost No TrainingMastery on Latest Technology Like SAP, Tally ERP9, Portals, Automization, E-commerce, Pay-roll and many more….
Complete LifeWork 100% on KnowledgeBasic Knowledge & little of GroomingWorks on Mind, Body, Brain(Knowledge & Skills), Grooming (Soft-Skills) & Life
Success Ration1%7%95 to 100%
 Job AssuranceNo.But Everyone is capable to get a Job with 20-25K to Lakhs as Starting salary93% Not Capable of Job and Does not Get. See Assocham India Report.100% Job Assured.
Life Time Support For Business & Profession..NoNoYes. Support of Place, upgradation, Counseling, networking, etc.
RiskRisk of Non-Passing Risk of Loosing 4 to 10 years of youth and end up without the certificateRisk of Job & CapabilityNo Risk.100% Assurance If one can pass in Entrance Test
Years Required After 12Th4 to 1053

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Why no to CA/CS/CMA/MBA


1- What is Success Ration?

– In Ca/Cs/CMA passing is very very low… Every Year 3 to 4 Lakh Appear & around 15 to 20 K Pass.

2- In MBA every tom dick harry gets admission & almost all pass. But 93% are un-employable & do not get good jobs.

(See Report by ASSOCHAM INDIA:  Go To Link: or see this screenshot).

3- If not…Can You Buy / beg / borrow time ?

– One of Reputed course MBBS, if want to create say 25 K doctors, will give admission to 25 K students only. Students who don’t get admission, can choose another option without loosing time.

– Our Reputed Courses in Commerce CA/CS/CMA are no doubt good. But if they want to create say 20 K, they give admission to 3 – 4 lakh, make them study and invest their youth for 4 to 10 years and pass only 15 to 20 K…
– Then What About The career of rest Lakh of students?
– They have already lost 4 to 10 years of their youth… Can any one give them back those years?
– Shall they carry the stamp of Failure for Rest of the life?
– Then why we are gambling our Life & Career ? Isnt it like playing a Lottery with Life?

3- What if Yes?



In Jobs

Average Start-up Salary For CA is 3 to 5 LPA

For CS/CMA it is 2 to 4 LPA

MBA’s who get job have to start from 10k p.m. also

In Consultation

Yes CA/CS has better prospects but with average gestation period of 3 to 5 yrs.

For success they need to Struggle their own way.

MBAs have almost no option to start consultancy (Barring very few self-made)

In Business

These Courses Does not Teach Business Skills. Students again need to learn Marketing, HR, Systems, Business…etc.

4- Does They teach Practical Skills?

CA/CS/CMA: if student is lucky he gets good exposure in article ship, but for most it is ‘Tick maro’

MBA: They do not have any Practical Exposure…

5- Does they Teach Modern Technology?

CA/CS/CMA: What they learn is only what they use in article ship. World is changing at pace… what about SAP, ERP, Oracle, Cloud Technology, Business automation, e-commerce….. doe these professional get these trainings?

MBA: need not talk a word… everyone knows…

6- Is communication & Personality ever groomed?

CA/CS/CMA: In None of the Course… Some do nominal effort of 50-60 hrs.. an it be done in so short time?

MBA: Some High level Colleges like IIM and equivalent are really nice… But the rest never bother about these skills…

7- Does they Teach Life?

Are we making our youth only a money making machine?

They learn what we teach to them…

Then isn’t it required that high level courses should teach

Ethics, Values, Emotions Management, Relations management, Love, Happiness, Health care….

8- Life is for money…or… Money is for Life?

Once we get a Human Life…and only one Life time…

No Doubt Success and Money is Very important…

But Living a Beautiful Life is much more Important

And as Everything is needed to be taught, life also must be taught…After all human is a product of his learning from birth to now..

Nilaya Group & NIBE  see a strong need to Bring Life Training in Curriculum, which will create Happy, Peaceful & Responsible Human Beings.

And Hence NIBE Launched


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