CAT-P Strategies, Skills & Life Time Support by NIBE

When it comes to a discussion, always the topic is on priority of discussion that lacs of students enroll in professional courses like CA,CS but the success rate is very low for these courses because many students are not even able to crack the primary levels of such courses.

Moreover, after years of struggle, those completing  it are still not getting exposure to modern technology and trends. Today, we can see that there is a high demand for professional career courses in commerce such as CA, CS, and CWA because people believe that these are the only courses in commerce which will have a definite future and assured career but this is not the reality. There is a 80% chance that most of the people will not even crack the 1st or 2nd levels of these courses and thus wasting a lot of time and money in tutions and exam fees etc.

But, how would it be if you can pursue an education that will give you a 100% success in return of your valuable investment that too in just 3 years. And moreover, which will give you a life changing career.

NIBE International is presenting a revolutionary course in commerce that will prove a life-changing career in commerce for you. With CAT-P, students get a chance to have all the  excellence at par and even beyond i.e. thorough theoretical and technical knowledge in accounts, finance, and taxation, industrial training, articleship, software training, practical business skills, business and commercial strategies, self-development skills and assured job and life-time support for independent practice.

It is time to choose the right path and head towards a beautiful life.

CAT-P is a unique course 1st time in India, that delivers the vibrant knowledge in accounts, finance, and taxation with all the modern changes, adaptations of new Indian economy with industry oriented syllabus. We have integrated all the changes happened over the last decade in the Indian economy. We have already forecast the need of today & near future and we are going to keep you way forward of the world.

With various subject trainers, industry experts and mentors at NIBE will provide you the advanced training in all software and technologies you need in commerce. We have an advanced computer lab with all the required software; this training facility will give students insights of the things actual work in the industry.

Together with the theoretical and practical knowledge in accounts, finance and taxation we are also providing students a chance to serve at the properly established company where they can get a chance to work as an actual employee. This will be an internship but the work-culture will be as good as a normal full time employment. Not like other courses, we are bound to give students actual work rather than clerical tasks.

This overall approach of course is smarter, faster and assured than any other professional course and real life changer because no other course is offering this kind of in-depth knowledge in commerce which we are offering in CAT-P. Along with pure knowledge, we are also offering the students with life skills, including exercise, meditation, sports, networking skills, music, soft skills etc.

At the end of the course, students who think of choosing job, consultancy, entrepreneurship or choose to become socio-entrepreneur, we at NIBE, appreciate this thought and prepare our students with the relevant skills together with LIFETIME SUPPORT for their abilities.

So, if you are looking for best career after 12th or thinking of the best courses along with CA and CS, we would like you to visit our website or give us a call at +918888212465 to know about our approach of training at NIBE.

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