India’s 1st Professional Institute Creating Life with Values, Practical Skills & Soft Skills

Have you ever come across an education platform that delivers excellent education together with life skills? Life skills may sound a heavy term but it isn’t. They include all the things, right from taking care of your body and mind, exercise, personality development skills, communication skills, leadership skills, values and ethics at workplace etc., and learning things in a campus that has dedicated to the best education possible.

Globally, in a few countries like UK and USA, this kind of education is integrated to have a holistic development & we are sure that such kind of educational approach is first time in India.

Irony of Commerce Education in India

Commerce is a diverse field of education that has helped the economy and business world with delivering the knowledge about various fields of business such as finance, law, and management.

In a country with one of the largest economy in the world, we need a strong force of finance experts to lead the show. With the entrants of loads of international financial institutions, the demand has surged even more.

Despite such a great demand, our country is producing a very limited qualified people because of restricted number of CA/CS professionals who pass out. Even those who are passing out or attempting are getting more of a theoretical knowledge/bookish knowledge. But in reality, they are supposed to be well versed with the technology and practical skills in today’s world that will be smart.

The industry is changing rapidly and it demands SMART professionals, who are not just good in finance fundamentals, but equally good in soft skills like communication skills, presentation skills and equipped with practical knowledge with handson experience on tools/softwares.

Because of lack of options; Today, many students are wasting a number of years of their youth which is important & energetic phase of life appearing for such courses, because we are familiar with the failures regarding the courses like CA & CS. Many times, students face failure in middle or final levels of these courses. because the chances of failure at the above-mentioned courses are more than any other professional courses in India.

CAT-P – Bridging the GAP of Industry Demand:

So, in order to overcome the above challenges and to give smarter, holistic, faster and assured education at Nilaya Institute of Business Excellence i.e. NIBE.

NIBE is a division of Nilaya Education Group dedicated to delivering the best career after 12th and the best career in commerce.

CAT-P has been designed to give a holistic perspective to commerce education and to meet the industry’s demand of smart professionals. This course that will give you the complete knowledge in commerce including theoretical and practical knowledge together with industrial exposure which we think it makes this course one of the best commerce courses after 12th. And most importantly this course is Smarter, Faster, Holistic and Assured than any other professional course in commerce.

At NIBE International we have arranged a remarkable course – CAT-P which will provide up to date knowledge in commerce together with the activities which will help students shape their mind, body and brain in a holistic approach of education. We are providing admissions to top 99 students with a unique NPET which is an entrance test for CAT-P course.

How can you apply?

Please note that students need to pass NIBE’s unique NPET entrance test to prove themselves in the exceptional 99.

The selection process for this exam will be based upon the collective score of NPET (Nilaya Professional Education Test) and interviews with students & parents. NPET is carried out on every saturday on pre-booking basis.

First Shortlisted 99 candidates will get to join the CAT-P course and get wings to their career. Unlike others; Nilaya assures 100% industry placement assurance with lifetime support for dream job, independent consultancy/entrepreneurship, socio-entrepreneurship and higher education.

One of the greatest advantages of this course is life values and life lessons we have planned to offer at NIBE. We are confident that this course will shape your body, mind, and life in a nutshell.

To know more how you can achieve the greatest career in commerce with CAT-P at NIBE refer our website: or just give a call at +918888212465.

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