Look at the sky

Yesterday, I was conducting the regular lecture on class, to energise the students I diverted the subject from Income tax to Chnadrayan 2 Students with a fire of pride in their eyes started discussing the glorious story of Chandrayaan. We discussed many approaches of the mission from human efforts to technological achievements. I felt very happy that my students are of about the outer world changes and advances but simultaneously I was worried, do they really know about the expectation of that world which comes with the responsibilities and success as well as failures. Even the sudden death of CCD founder shocked us deeply. What’s going wrong ?

Since childhood, we are mentally trained to achieve only success, nobody conveys about what to do when we are facing the failures? Yes, one stream always advocates the “Law of attraction” and says focus on what is good and be optimistic. Life is such a good friend of you which gives always the surprise packages. When these gifts are in our favour we do not think much but when we are forced to face unfavourable situations, we tend to curse that beautiful LIFE only. Why it’s happening? Why are we becoming weak? Why we cannot digest the negative situation?

The definition of the week is very subjective. Generally, the person who is emotional or who cries is perceived as emotional. If we go to history we can observe emotional, sensitive people had fought for the nation / cause for achieving the goal, may be due to their understanding about the emotions of the people.

Even your greatest strength points can become your weak points, as you start depending on that only at the time of making decisions. We may tend to start ignoring the other relevant factors. This is the time to be sincere than to be serious. This can help us to complete our task within less time and we can dedicate our time for hobbies, relaxation.

In the race of becoming successful we have forgotten that we are born to enjoy the beauty of the world in our limited span of life. Many a times we are bounding our self with the worldly duties beyond some limit. Mahatma Gandhi has said once, “The earth is having sufficient resources to satisfy man’s need not the man’s greed”. Let’s start understanding, why we require something, is it a need or grid? Am I working for my needs or grids? Am I sacrificing my time for my need or my grid? Lets start working and prioritise the goals.

SO “HAKU NA MA TATA………………………..

This is the problem free philosophy…………………………………..