Communication & Soft skill Trainer

No. Of Vacancie


Experience required in Years
Minimum 2 Years of experience is must.

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Skill set required

  1. Excellent Reading, writing and verbal (English, Hindi) communication skills.
  2. Expertise in Hospitality & Corporate etiquettes & Presentation Skills and Pleasing Personality.
  3. Passionate teacher to inspire students and make them confident also teach Public speaking
  4. The candidate should possess good accent and voice quality.


Work profile

  1. Communication Training
  2. Extra Curricular activities to conduct independently
  3. Extreme creative ideas for student development
  4. Content writing and proof reading of organisational work
  5. Conducting Oral assessments, interviews and guiding, grading them
  6. Design, develop, and provide a variety of learning materials
  7. Assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assignments provide appropriate feedback on their progress
  8. Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students



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