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Social Media Marketing

No. Of Vacancie :


Experience required in Years :
Minimum 2 Years of experience is must.

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Skill set required

  1. Experience & certification in all types of Social Media & Digital Marketing
  2. Updated with market trends and Google policies
  3. Creative creation of pages, posts, sms, mailers, audio editing, video editing
  4. He should have experience of day-to-day management of multiple brand pages (engaging in dialogues, responses, daily updates, visual elements, etc. )
  5. Experience in Writing articles and PR with news media persons will be added advantage
  6. Mastery on computers, SEO, internet, whatsapp, access and being tech savvy is necessary


Work profile

  1. Execution of all social media activities (i.e. tweeting, sharing, engaging, liking, increasing social reach, etc)
  2. Communicating in a professional manner with students and parents and visitors.
  3. Creating social media campaigns
  4. Implementing Social Media SEO tactics
  5. Writing articles about B2B and B2C Social Media Marketing
  6. Regulars Blog, groups, sms and whatsapp updations.
  7. Video editing and you tube uploading.



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