The ultimate aim of every human and total humanity is to lead a life which will be “Peaceful and Happy”.In today’s materialistic world, everything has a price tag , ‘Prosperity’ of society leads humanity to live a ‘Peaceful & Happy Life’.


Also beyond this basic needs some of us have special dreams and aspirations to achieve for.


Human behavior and human life is greatly impacted by the environment s/he is brought up in. Infact Human is a product of what is taught to him and what he learns from all his teachers, which include family members, Teachers, friends and environment. If Parents are French the kid becomes French speaking. If Teacher teaches violence the student will become violent and if teacher teaches love the human will love all the creations of the almighty.


Mr. Nilay Mehta – Founder NIBE – believes that if education can create positive influence in the lives of people, it would create a better world for the future. So we as an Educational Group have total belief that, Only Good Education has the Power to Create the Future of Human and the Humanity.


To attain the dream of every human and to make humanity, ‘Prosperous, Peaceful and Happy’ we have initiated such Education which will:


  • Shape and strengthen the Mind for dedication, Inspiration, Self-Belief and Purity of thoughts to make everyone lead a good life.
  • Create Brains with Intelligence, to make one create a successful career and achieve the Dreams.
  • Develop Real Life Skills through Practical Training for Excellence in every work one does and which will
  • Groom the Personality with Soft skills, Communication, Manners and Image make-over, so that one can express him/herself gracefully to the outer world.


So the real Education Must Work on: Mind, Brains, Life and Grooming. And The present Education Systems and Parents in India only focus on MARKS, MARKS and MARKS for first 20-25 years of life and partially get Developed Humans from it, majority of them become a Money Making Machines only or a part of Rat Race.


Our founder Mr. Nilay Mehta believes that, Investing time and money in a curriculum that only trains you to be a theoretical business manager, but does not expose you to practical effectiveness will only create unhealthy competition, disconnected career paths and drive bitterness in your life. Most of the career issues arise from the gap between knowledge and its real-world application.In the world of Business, the knowledge can be easily acquired than applied. Unfortunately, today,business education is looked up on as a ticket to quick advancement in career. However, the core purpose of Business Education should never be quick high paying jobs or money. It should be Efficiency, Effectiveness, Leadership, Excellence and Prosperity.


NIBE has been founded to bridge exactly this gap to transform expectation-oriented manager to action-oriented visionaries through holistic development and hands-on industrial experience. Through our three main streams BBE, MBE and PGPBMstudents get the opportunity face real-life challenges, get used to the professional code-of-conduct, network with like-minded people and industry gurus, understand the miracles of ownership and responsibility, and be ready for the corporate world. At NIBE we thrive to create a Holistic Personality through very interesting Education to train Mind, Brains, Life and Grooming.



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